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Nursing Agencies

Oil and Gas Companies


Software Companies

Temporary Employment Agencies

Trucking Companies

Rental Companies

Almost any type of service that has been completed and invoiced. 

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Factoring & Accounts Receivable Financing

From $500 to $3,000,000 invoices all paid in a few days not weeks.

Factoring your accounts receivable is the best way to cash flow rapid growth in your company. It can also be a financial tool for start up companies to increase cash flow.  Selling of your receivables is used by millions of companies as a Non Debt financial tool. It works for most industries. So if you have been denied a line of credit from your bank, your at your max limit at your bank, have a seasonal business give us a call a or complete an application by clicking this link

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Invoice Factoring or Accounts Receivable Factoring- How Does It Work

This type of cash flow solution called "factoring" pays you in advance for your invoices that you generate and give terms to your commercial clients.  You get paid a large part of the invoice amount within a couple days and the balance minus any small fees after the money is collected by the factoring lender.  

This a great financial tool to help you pay for your labor and supplies now while still giving 30-60-90 days terms to your business customers. Using this tool can allow you to grow without much consideration given to your personal or company credit only the credit of your clients. Now you can take advantage of the cash discounts you have been leaving on the table.

Invoice Factoring is sometimes a better solution than getting small business loans as you are not creating debt for you or your company

Benefits Of Factoring

  • Quick Funds Available To You. Normally approvals and funding paid to you within 48 hours 
  • No Money Payments
  • 24/7 Online Account Access
  • Credit LIne Grows With Your Business Growth
  • No Debt Is Created On Your Balance Sheet
  • No Need To Give Up Ownership/Equity
  • We Will Provide Credit Risk Assessment Of Your Customers
  • You Can Now Take Advantage Of Purchase Discounts or Prepayment Discounts With Your Vendors
  • No Need To Offer Your Customer Pre-Payment Discounts To Improve Cash Flow

What Types Of Companies Factor

Advertising Agencies

Apparel Companies


CPA Firms


Guard Services

Janitorial Services

Landscaping Companies

Lawn Care Companies

Law Firms

Commercial Auto Repair

Hospitality Industry

Mat and Uniform Rental Service

Medical Equipment Repair Companies

Who Can Qualify?

  • Easy Account Set Up​. Approval is based "mostly" on your customer not your company
  • B2B Only.Your Cleints Must Be Commercial Clients Not Consumers
  • Start Ups Or Short Time In Business Ok
  • Past Financial Problems Like Tax Liens, Past Discharged Bankruptcies, Cash Flow or Slow Pay are typically Ok
  • Loan Workouts are ok
  • Bank Denials due to insufficient collateral, wrong financial ratios, past credit issues by owner(s) or corporation are Ok
  • Nationwide Service

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