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Financing Your Company Growth, Your Cash Flow, & Your Customers

We offer financing for individuals trying to build their credit scores.  Our website www.shopezcredit.com has thousands and thousands of items to choose from like Jewelry, tires, furniture, electronics and much much more!  

For example if you have bad credit, maybe with a score in the 500's and need to get someone to approve your account our jewelry.shopezcredit.com website would be a great place to shop.  There are over 8500 items to choose from all a certificate of authenticity, free nationwide delivery, free gift box, and free sizing. Best of all our financing solution will report you monthly payments to all three major credit bureaus as an installment loan!  

So if you need your score to come up and need some cool stuff like jewelry. This is the best place on the internet to purchase and maybe help you get the house your want, or help your credit score get to where you need for a business loan.   

Now you must know the reporting will be for on time and late payments so if you are going to make late payments this could hurt your score not help it. We must report the payments on time or otherwise.

Check out jewelry.shopezcredit.com If you don't see the item you want give us a call at 1-866-300-2070 and let them know the item you want. If you have a low credit score and want Tires, Rims, Lawn Mower, Furniture, Computers, Tablets, TV's, Tanning Beds, and much much more. Go to www.shopezcredit.com