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Working Capital/Line Of Credit

At IAM Biz Credit Factoring Accounts Receivable Financing We Can Help Your Company Grow!

Our lending partners can offer a simple line of credit also called working capital loan. This type of loan can be used however you want. This includes payroll, taxes, purchases, marketing. We have programs available for good and challenged credits and range from as low as $5,000 to as high as $250,000.  The funding sources look at the cash flow of the business over the last six months. If your generating at least $8000 a month in revenue (not profits but sales) and have not had a lot of negative balances or bounced check charges there is a good chance we can help you. Once the money is deposited in your account and paid back, the lenders are good about raising your credit limits to help you grow for the long term.  Credit scores of the owners are always a consideration but cash flow is the main thing for this working capital loan.

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Invoice Factoring

This type of cash flow solution pays you in advance for your invoices that you generate and give terms to your commercial clients.  You get paid 70% of the invoice amount within a couple days and the balance minus any fees after the money is collected by the factoring lender.  

This a great financial tool to help you pay for your labor and supplies now while still giving 30-60-90 days terms to your business customers. Using this tool can allow you to grow without much consideration given to your personal or company credit only the credit of your clients. Now you can take advantage of the cash discounts you have been leaving on the table. Factoring is sometimes a better solution than getting small business loans as you are not creating debt for you or your company

PO Funding

This type of funding is designed to help you get pre-funded for a percentage of a Purchase Order you have received from a credit worthy commercial entity. These funds can help you by supplies or materials or equipment that you will need to complete that big order. You get some money within a few days of the P.0. and the balance after the account has been paid in full minus the lenders fee's.  So don't let that big order cause you concern about how to cash flow it. PO Fund It! Give us a call to discuss details.

Merchant Cash Advance

Your credit cards history is a great tool to forecast future sales. Our lenders will advance you cash based on your credit card history and you can pay for the loan from your credit card processing.  You can now purchase the suppliers, inventory, marketing or any other cash business need you may have. Your companies or your personal credit are not much of the consideration for the loan. Give us a call to discuss if this option if a good tool for you needs.

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