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Furthermore, You also authorize IAM Ventures LLC to contact me by your phone number(s) and or email addresses(s) listed on this electronic credit application, for the purpose to disclose the credit decision for which you have requested. This includes messages left by IAM Ventures LLC on voice mail, or other electronic means including email, and cell phone (text messages). I hereby authorize IAM Venturess LLC to share with it's third party lenders, with credit reporting agencies, and/or strategic partners all information contained in this application form. To also verify any and all information for accuracy. I understand that I am under no obligation to purchase any product or service from IAM Ventures LLC, its lenders, or strategic partners, that you are applying.

I also understand the IAM Ventures LLC, it's lenders, or strategic partners reserve the right to deny my application for any reason based on the information provided on this application or additional information that my be discovered during the due diligence process of the application process

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