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​​​How To Start And Finance Your Lawn Care Business Now And For The Future

Do you want to either start or build on your new lawn care business, but don't know how?  

You know you need a plan but what is that plan?

Here is a plan to get going to finance your lawn care business​:

Goal:  Get the capital you need now. Be able to get more in the near future.  Then get even more down the road at cheaper rates.

Step 1:  Set up the systems and practices the banks and funding sources require to lend you money

  • Banking: You need to set up a commercial banking relationship. You can be a sole proprietor or incorporated to do this but it HAS to have your business name listed on the account. Your personal account will not work. Banks need to prove your business income. Not your business profits. Your personal account will not seperate your commercial revenue from your personal income. Don't skip this step. Then deposit every penny you make in your business into this account. You can draw the money out immediately if you need but will still have proof of revenues.  

    ​Don't collect cash from your client and pay for gas on the way home. Deposit the money and use your debit card.  We have banking relationships that will lend cash off your "proven" commercial revenues over the last 90 days even with challenged credit.  If you don't deposit the money into your commercial account you won't get the benefit of the cash loan as early as 90 days from today. 

  • Incorporation:  We are not lawyers or accountants and don't give legal advice. That said, getting incorporated is not hard and may provide some protection and tax benefits. If you don't have a good accountant or need legal advice we have relationships with world class accountants and legal for great prices just give us a call.

    If you want to get more info on getting incorporated 
    Click Here . There is really not a good reason to not look into incorporation.  It's not that expensive and the benefits are just to great to not explore it.

  • Accept debit and credit cards.  The world has changed your residential and commercial clients expect you to accept cards not just cash or checks. By the way checks can bounce and now you will spend precious time trying to collect money instead of finding or servicing a new client.

    We have made it simple to accept debit and credit cards called merchant processing.  You can simply swipe the card securely on your smart phone or tablet at the location and your off and running to your next client.   It's easy to set up and we have a special programs for start up and more mature lawn care professionals with both good or challenged credit.  Just click on this link Lawn Care Merchant Processing for more info and to get started accepting debit and credit cards.  The money will be deposited into your business checking account as list above.

  • Cloud based financial software package: You will need to be able to track and manage your business. This software package needs to integrate into your online banking relationship. Lenders will ask for interim financials in the future. All this means is your need to print out of your financial software package the profit and lost statement and balance sheet.  

    If you don't have this in place you will either pay an accountant a LOT of money to recreate your financials over time or you will spend LOTS of time doing it yourself. Don't make this step too hard. It's simple and good financial software packages will integrate into your smart phone, tablet, and PC to make is simple. Here is a link to a good package we can suggest. It's cheap and will serve the purpose.

  • Get a good accountant. They will protect you, keep you compliant, and make you money on the savings they can find for your particular tax situation.  Here is a link to a very good firm that works with lawn care professionals either start up or more mature.


Step 2:  How To Cash Flow Your Lawn Care Service Business?

  • What type of clients do you want? Commercial? Residential? Both?

  • Commercial Lawn Care Accounts- Commercial Clients are larger accounts but they want to pay you later in 15,30,45,60 days. Effectively you are now a bank if you accept terms of payment these clients demand. That is very hard for any lawn care business.

    When you need to pay expenses like gas, repairs, and employees today for money that will come to you weeks later it creates a real cash flow problem.  You can put your self out of business by adding too many commercial accounts too quickly unless you let us help you.

    ​Remember money coming in to you (Accounts Receivables) longer than money you have to pay out (Accounts Payable) is a NEGATIVE cash flow position and will cause you financial pain!

    For example, your contract labor employees who are helping you service the new large 20 acre account you just won, want paid every Friday. These employees need gas every day to complete the project. They need equipment and parts on demand to fix your mowers, they need cash! The problem is your new client is paying you in 30 days AFTER you complete the job and invoice the client. They also may not pay you on time.  

    At best, this is one week of outgo money on 30 days of income money. That is a 21 days negative cash flow! So how do you fix it?  

    You can either walk away from Commercial Accounts, deal with the pain of negative cash flow, or....... use us to factor the invoice.  

    What is invoice factoring?  Simply put we pay you a large percentage of the invoice two days after the work is done and invoiced. Then the balance, minus a small fee, when the invoice is paid 30 days later by your client. Two days not 30 days!  You are now in positive cash flow not negative cash flow position! Incoming money in two days and outgoing money for expenses (employees, gas, etc..) in one week.  You can now grow as fast as you want as you are not limited by cash flow. Add as many commercial clients as you can operationally handle without concern of cash flow problem. The cash flow is taken care of now and in the future.

  • Residential Lawn Care Accounts- Try to not take consumer checks ! They can bounce and they take a few days to clear the banking system tying up your funds and pushing your cash flow position.  We can help you with electronic payment of checks but the best option is to simply take debit or credit cards. It will also help you with reoccurring accounts. Now you can get paid even when you client is on vacation or out of town.

    Just click here Lawn Care Merchant Processing to get set up to take debit/credit cards on your smart phone/ tablet or PC. You money will be in your account typically next day so your in a positive cash flow position.

Step 3:  How to finance equipment now and in the future. How do I get more cheap money at a later time?

  • Personal Credit Score Above 650- If you score is in this range we should be able to get you funds for equipment. If you have been in business more than two years and have credit scores above 650 we can usually get you $20,000 to $100,000 on an application only basis (no financials needed). 

  • Personal Credit Score Below 650- If you score is below this range we can usually get you funds through one or two types of solutions. We offer both credit challenged (550 to 650 scores) and no credit needed programs (below 550 credit score).  The amount money you will get will vary based on provable income, time in business, start up etc.. but can range from $1500 to $10,000.  Please contact us to discuss the best option to get your equipment.  

    ​The goal is to get you started today and build a plan to get you more cheaper money later.  Part of this process is to use one of our credit repair partners. The best way to proceed is to discuss with us the best financial solution and while we are getting you funds now have our credit repair relationships help get your score to point to help us get you additional cheap funds later Click here to visit with our credit repair professional referral partners


  • Start Up Lawn Care Service Company- Start ups are the highest risk for banks and most difficult to get done. That said, it is possible to finance pure start ups. Please contact us to discuss your needs and our financial solutions. We offer financing from $1500 to $10,000 for start-ups depending on credit and also have no credit needed program to get you started generating revenue. We also have cash loan products. if you have been in business for at least 90 days and have provable commercial banking accounts with more than $5000 a month in provable revenue. Please see above about how to set up a commercial business banking account and why.  


  • Time in business more than 2 years- Banks and funding sources consider you a start up company and high risk till you have provable time in business and provable revenues for 2 years.  This is two years from your start date of your incorporation or from the date you opened your business checking account.  

    ​Once you have a few good business references, good time in business, decent to good personal credit score and provable revenues, the banking world will open up to you lots of funds at good rates. This includes Working Capital Lines Of Credit, SBA Loans, Commercial Real Estate Loans, Equipment Leasing, Purchase Order Funding, etc...  These amounts can range from $25,000 TO $250,000 application only (no financials or tax returns required) and to $50,000,000 with financials. The goal is to get your credit score high, prove your revenues, and have a few business financing references.  


Step 1Get your structure and systems set up. Get set up for business banking, take debit/credit cards, get incorporated, get a good accountant, and good financial software tracking program.

Step 2  Get into a positive cash flow position. Get set up to factor your invoices, start taking debit credit cards. Don't take checks. Don't play banker to large companies. Preserve you cash flow at all cost!

Step 3 Get good business credit references now, prove your income monthly, stay in business for at least two years, get your personal credit score above 650 and stair step you way to bigger funding amounts at cheaper rates after two years time in business.

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